Begegnung 2. Juni – Fremdgehen im Wedding

flyer, graphic design

Panke2Juni_web_short Panke2Juni_web_shortback

“Encounter 2nd June – Be unfaithful in Wedding” / “Begegnung 2.Juni – Fremdgehen im Wedding”

FLYER – DIN long – Mai 2012

Fund-raiser party for the group TOP B3rlin at the club Panke in Berlin-Wedding

Image idea: The background picture consists of two hands, one formed to a fist, the other one crossing the fingers to form a W, which stands for the most multicultural district of Berlin called Wedding. This W-hand gesture is a code used on the streets by young people to signalise they are living in this district. The fist refers to the history of the district of Wedding, which is well known as the ‘Red Wedding‘ due to its former high rate of poor socialists and communist workers. They used to live in Wedding especially between the 1920-1930ies and engaged in violent mass street struggles trying to resist brutal Nazi troops. The combination of the two hands illustrates the development of the district Wedding and meets the concept of the fund-raiser party, which was introduced by a presentation about the history of the worker‘s district. The life performances and the DJs represented contemporary music from punk pop to rap and hip hop.





Fyer DIN long – February 2014 – A feminist answer to Hitchcocks “Birds”
Fund-raiser techno party for the International Women‘s Day. The party is organised by the group TOP B3rlin at the club Loftus Hall in Berlin- Kreuzberg (Germany)
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Demokratie gegen den Staat

flyer, graphic design

Demokratie gegen den Staat

“Democracy against the state” – FLyer / DIN A6 – Oktober 2012

Discussion event about democracy theories organised by the group aZe at the K-Fetisch in Berlin Neukölln.

Context: The discussion event was about different theories of democracy and the critical question: do people in Germany still live in a democratic state? The does ‘real democracy‘ mean? How come people in europe rise up against autoritarian austerity politics demanding more ‘real democracy now‘ whereas philosophers point out the irresolvable connection of modern democracy as a form of government and capitalism?

Typography: Separating the two parts of the originally Greek term: δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) ‘rule of the people‘,which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) ‘people‘ and κράτος (kratos) ‘power‘ or ‘rule‘. I emphasized it‘s contemporary separation in the major principle of power (enactet by the state) which no longer refers to peoples demands, and therefore brings up the question of the survival of democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Image idea: The green, lying K illustrated a crown and symbolizes the power over a state and its people.The multi-coloured triangle including little triangles illustrates the variety of people in society being lumped together in a state. In vertical combination the two images illustrate the contemporary societal hierarchie as a system of power of a minority ruling over a majority. This kind of political representation is the most basic principle of modern parliamental democracies as we know them.